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posted on: April 15th, 2010

If you’re not a member of the rather exclusive M+ then you may be totally unaware that Mr. Matthew Good is getting married today. Well, ok, so he told non-members too, but let me revel in a wee bit of snobbery for a moment, will ya??!! Congrats out to my favorite BC musician and  I can now hear his song “She’s in it for the money” finally dying a quiet little death.

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Dusty Says:

Well,look at it this way, those marriages usually don’t last long kiddo. ;)

Phaedra Says:

yay! I am so happy he has finally found true love.

Brian Smart Says:

Good for him. That reminds me I have to find my damn credit card and get on M+.

I think my Mom’s wedding story is the best; she married a guy from a family we’ve known for almost 100 years from the lake our cottage is on. They’d known each other all of their lives and dated for awhile as teenagers; Mom actually was Pop’s date when he graduated from military school in the U.S. Drifted apart, both married other folks, had messy divorces several years later, and then hooked up at the cottage. They were both in their 60’s when they married and on the cover of their wedding invitation was the picture of them as teenagers at the ball at Virginnia Military Institute when Pop graduated, him in a very smart looking uniform and Mom in a pink tafeda (sp?) dress. Pretty cool shit.

Kim Says:

awwww. I love that. My Grandparents got married in their 60’s
It was cute as hell to see them all dressed up and holding hands.

a name Says:

TY for the update, i’m on M+, but i’m also at the end of a semester of grad school.

cara Says:

matthew good belongs to me :( haha

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