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posted on: December 22nd, 2010

It’s only a couple more sleeps until the fat guy starts (allegedly) breaking in to houses all around the globe. I personally feel a closer connection to the original Dutch version. Black Peter or Sinterklaas would come around at the beginning of December and kick the shit out of all the bad kids. He would literally drag them from their beds and beat the crap out of them in the street. As the youngest in a family comprised of future prison inmate brothers I desperately believed in Black Peter.

This year Suz & Stan and the awesomeness that is BABY GRAY will be spending Christmas at our house. It will make it slightly more difficult to get Steve drunk and convince him that we should open everything on Christmas eve, but I’ll still give it a go.

There is something magical about Christmas with a 3 year old. Especially when it’s not a snotty nosed whiny one. Given that upcoming fantasticness, I’m signing off until after the big day so that I can concentrate on eating my body weight in turkey and mauling Gray while sipping glass after endless glass of red wine.

Happy holidays to you all- be safe and be merry.

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batcavebilly Says:

I love it!! Can you imagine what a better place the world would be if Sinterklaas was still kicking some aas? He could start with my new neighbors :))))

suz Says:

Wooooh! Lucky us!!!! We are stoked!
…and why wouldnt we all gang up on Steve to open prezzies early? In our house growing up we opened everything Christmas Eve after our turkey, but Santas gift and stockings were there for Christmas morning.
It’s your house…your tradition… <3

Mike D. Says:

Merry Christmas to you as well!

Kim Says:

Bill- I went over there and told them to shut it the fuck down @ about 11:15- some stoned looking kid answered (after banging for 10 min) and actually WINKED at me! (or he was just twitching)

Brian Smart Says:

Hope you all had a good holiday. Have not been home much lately and working/court. So have not been reading the normal posts;
scary situation with a guy we pulled over to check his caribou tag and turns out he’s not really a hunter at all (machine gun and bag of coke in the trunk kind of gave it away).

You must have had a lovely time with Gray around. I recall my kids when they were that small at Christmas and it was awesome, athough they`re just as awesome times now that they are older…just as much fun…plus they can assemble their own f“├Čn toys better than I ever could.


p.s. Have a wonderful New Year`s Eve.

kim Says:

B- It was fabulous!!! Other than the sever cutting incident and the fake lost dog incident that I will blog about. Gray and I made a rather suspect gingerbread house that I am very proud of.

Brian Smart Says:

Kim: It will be from that suspect gingerbread house incident that he will become a world famous architect. There is a place in all of our young lives where the influence of “colourful” relatives plays an important and long-lasting part and I suspect that Gray will always be a better and more interesting person for having spent some time with you. I had an aunt who was an actress (CBC stuff mostly but she did play the part of Momma Malone in a 1968 western with Dean Martin and Robert Mitchum…she ironicially owned the saloon) and Ruth was always my fav…she had the ability to have fun no matter what and could piss off the adults just a bit more quickly than me.

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