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posted on: June 23rd, 2009

Remember when my surgery date got bumped up and I freaked out? Well, it’s happened again and I am once more freaking out. This time around however, it’s a good freak out. As in can’t contain myself holyfuckholyfuck I’m exhausting myself with excitement kind of freak out.

Our moving date has been bumped from July 31 to Friday.


Yes, as discussed previously, I am one of the seven people on the planet that actually likes moving. Wait- that’s really not a strong enough word- I fucking ADORE moving. (It hasn’t been confirmed, but I may have been dropped on my head as a child.) I may not be around the interwebs for a bit, but rest assured, I have not been hit by a bus, I will be too busy obsessing over which wall to hang BB King or some other such ground breaking decision.

Steve is equally excited for one reason, and one reason only, as per our conversation last night.

“Hey Babe! Only 4 more days and you get your normal girlfriend back!”

“I better!”

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shine Says:

Please note that my friend Joanna is probably more insane than you about moving. There were inventories and labels and color codes and clipboards (and apparently, thankfully, no whistle. As it might have been the whistle that ended the marriage).

Congrats on the move!

Kim Says:

ha ha ha- I don’t get that crazy but I do go on endlessly about it (and write insane amounts of lists)
Never considered a whistle though…. (Steve now hates you for putting it in my head!)

Fearless Says:


I hate moving.

Kim Says:

I know- I’m a freak…..

f.B Says:

Moving is like a spiritual experience. You get so many great elements: change, new place, maybe some travel, putting things in boxes, cleaning, order…

I love it. Congrats!

Jeannie Says:

I dread the thought of moving although I should pretend we are and get rid of a lot of junk

Ree Says:

I love moving, too. Well, not the freak out that my Husband usually has when we do, but I love the newness of it all.

Congrats and Good Luck!

coolio! fingers crossed for smooth moving!

shine Says:

Oops. Tell Steve I’m really really sorry. I’ll send cupcakes.

So when I’m moving.. I’m okay to call to enlist your help, yes?

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