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posted on: September 4th, 2010

It rained all week and then on Thursday it was sunny and beautiful and perfect for a secret wedding beside the river.

Yes, that’s right folks. Steve and I got hitched.

Susin, Stan, and baby Gray came down and we chugged bubbly right from the bottle and laughed and ran on the beach and then we all said some words and then used Stan’s back to sign some papers and WHAM! We’re married! Once we get our photos back from our fantastic photographer Kathryn I shall post more than anyone cares to see.

Now here’s where the fun begins. The wedding was a secret so the next step is to tell the families. My crazy hippy folks will laugh and think that it was a “lovely” idea.

Steve’s family? Apparently his sisters and father will be amused for the most part. His mom? Uhm. Not so sure. There was no mention of God during the ceremony (though oddly enough, one Elvis quote) we didn’t get married in a church, I have tattoos and snuck away with her first born so chances are that our newly minted mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship has started off on the wrong foot. Like a mangled and bleeding foot that’s broken in 17 or 18 places. And maybe has a touch of the gangrene.

Oh, did I mention that they haven’t even met me yet?

We’re going out to the east coast in October so that they can meet the “surprise wife” and I’m hoping that she has had sufficient time between now and then to digest the news. In our defense, introducing my parents (think Simon & Garfunkel with a tray of hash brownies) to his rather conservative god fearing ones really was just something we felt should probably never happen. We’ll use the travel distance of east coast vs. west coast as an excuse………..

So there you have it. My big news, my big day. It was beautiful and I am thrilled and in true Kim fashion, though I am taking his name, I don’t even have to change my initials or signature. It’s still an H followed by an illegible squiggle.

I love when shit works out like that.

I now have a husband. I am now someones wife.

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Julie Says:

Congratulations! You deserve to be happy.

Stever Says:

My apologies to all those that were lurking and stalking Kim through her blog, but she’s now officially (legally) MINE!

Kim Says:

They can still stalk me though, right? I thought we talked about that!!!!??


Kim Says:

Thanks Nina! It all seems so strange!!!! (in a very good way though!)

Phaedra Says:

So happy for you both that I am crying happy tears! and I still love the flip-flops with the wedding dress!


Wishing you a lifetime of joy together!

Mollie Stovell Says:

Congrats Kim! I’m am so jealous…this wedding seems perfect. Spontaneity is so much more fun that planning! Good luck with the mother-in-law! Thanks for posting the link.

Dave Says:

My wife said “so, what is she knocked up?”
All kidding aside. Congratulations. Way to make it a special day while cutting aside all the BS. We wish you every happiness.

Brian Smart Says:

Must be a great relief not to be living in sin anymore!

Very cool way to get hitched. All the best.

Has he referred to you as “the wife” yet?

Kim Says:

I can’t believe more people didn’t ask if I was knocked up! (I’M NOT!!!)
And yes Brian- He is thoroughly enjoying referring to me as “the wife” When it turns to “the ball & chain” though- he’s dead meat!

Brian Smart Says:

I was at a highschool reunion last summer and one of my old buddies was showing us around his house (he was holding one of the many cocktail parties that long weekend) and we get to the bedroom and points to the bed:
Glenn: Yep…there’s the workbench”
Glenn: My wife is standing right behind me isn’t she?
me: Ya…

Well at least Steve is trying to make an honest woman out of you. Honeymoon?

Kim Says:

We’re going out to Nova Scotia in October- other than that, we’re just sticking around here.

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