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posted on: March 21st, 2010

So I zipped out to k-town to spend the day with baby Gray and have a sleepover. Yes- it was lovely. I am the best aunty in the world and Gray is the best kid & we are in lovelovelove!

So besides some quality time with my little monster, I picked up Suz from work and we made a quick dash to the good old liquor store for a a case of cold bevy’s to go with dinner.

I got ID’d.

I turned 40 in January. Four-Zero.

I didn’t have my purse with me, just cash and the keys so I laughed, refrained from sticking my tongue down the guys throat in appreciation, and pushed the beer and a couple of $20’s over to Suz. That was when he said that she now couldn’t buy it either- even with ID- as it was clear that she was “bootlegging” for me. Suz thinks it’s clever at that point to ask me to flash him my tits to prove I’m 40. (bitch)

Yes, the guy was just doing his job, but seriously…………….WTF???

We actually had to drive to a different store. I’m not fucking kidding.

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Dave Says:

It gets worse. My buddy and I, both 34 went into a 7-11 because he wanted some smokes. He is 34 going on 45 mind you (probably because of the smokes.) So he asks for a pack of Export A green. You know, the kind all the 14 year olds smoke. Right before they burst into flames. And she IDs him. He doesn’t have his wallet, only cash. She refuses to serve him. He says what?
She says she IDs under 25. He says yeah, he’s ten years past that.
He smiles and tries to be reasonable,
no dice.
So I went to buy the smokes, and she tried the same thing with me. I showed her my ID. She said I was bootlegging. I told her “I’ve never seen this guy before in my life. I need a pack of smokes.” She eyes me suspiciously, while my buddy walks out the door, but gives in.
So I walk out the door behind him, throw him the smokes, tell her have a nice day.

Dan Says:

I’m 36, and told that I seem older than my years, to many.

Yet I also get ID’ed fairly often. My response is always the same:

“Do I look 17 to you? Why, thank you for the compliment!”

Jeannie Says:

I got ID’d at Canada’s Wonderland - had to produce it - with 3 kids in tow, and my grey roots showing. I think I was 37.

I also had to produce ID at Edgefest a couple years ago to get into the beer tent. I think it was a stats thing though because they were swiping them. That bothered me.

Brian Smart Says:

It happened to me two years ago. I was 42. The kid at the store was about 20; “Sir do you have any ID with you?”

“You’re kidding me right? I’m old enough to be your father. See this shirt I’m wearing? It’s older than you”

a name Says:

i’ve got good genes: my mom got carded at 42. she laughed, said the door guy was so sweet… he was all I ARE SERIOUS BUSINESS— and then proceeded to do the OMGWTF at her ID. bouncer turned to my stepdad and said, “SHE TAKES CARE OF HERSELF.”

….of course, around here, there are so few bars that the bouncers know who i am and don’t bother carding me anymore. Ugh.

Ree Says:

The only place I get id’d is the airport.


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