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posted on: February 18th, 2010

Happy Birthday my love!

ps- Steve’s birthday isn’t actually until March 2nd but this arrived early and I lack that whole “patience” thing so I forced him to open it IMMEDIATELY. Oh, and having him bang away on this tonight while I’m trying to watch Grey’s Anatomy won’t be irritating at all. Really.

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Stever Says:

ty baby.

I promise not to bang on it during your favorite tv shows.


Jeannie Says:

I miss my son banging away on his…

That’s got to be the coolest early birthday present ever. Why can’t you be MY girlfriend?


Kim Says:

Steve- correcto-mundo!
Jeannie- Get him to send you a video! (or dog forbid, I’ll send you a video of Steve practicing his!)
Native- If he plays during grey’s anatomy tonight, I could be up for grabs!

I would HIRE Steve to play during “Grey’s Anatomy”. But he’d need to shut up during “Lost”.

I got a new guitar for Christmas. I missed my old one. Mine’s also a Fender because I am quite awesome. Mine isn’t a bass however. It’s a sexy little acoustic/electric number.

Kim Says:

hahahahhahaha- I’m lost when it comes to the attraction to “Lost.”
See how CLEVER I am????
Steve already has an acoustic but recently fell in love with bass so this should be…. interesting??????

Batcavebilly Says:

hmmm…… Primus basslines in the backyard??

suz Says:

Happy Birthday Steve!!! WOW!!!! Kim…you really are the best girlfriend in the world!!!! Way to go Steve! It’s pay back time….every time Kim gets endlessly excited about something…just plug in your amp! Drone out the sound of her squealing voice!
You guys should come for a visit and the boys can jam!!!

You rock! Wait, HE rocks! But you rock, too!

And, I am the same way–as soon as I have a present for someone, I want to give it to them and have them open it. :)

Brian Smart Says:

Kim: Since you are obviously the bestest of all girlfriends, perhaps Steve could repay you by being your very own Paul Shaeffer. He could just entertain you during commercials but then stand idly by during your show, and occasionally laugh or do some other variation in support of your jokes or comments while you watch GA. Better still he could punctuate the action on the show with cool bass riffs:

(cool doctor with perfect hair running down hall to save yet another life)…Steve: dooba dooba dooba dooba.

kim Says:

hahahahahaha!!!!! Then he also has to wear those really loud shirts that Paul wears!

shine Says:

I really wish I knew you in real life. I have no patience when it comes to giving people presents. NONE.

Chick Says:

Awesome present!

Brian Smart Says:

By the way my wife got me a similar amp for the old Strat that I used to have. Very soon thereafter she got me headphones which will plug into it. Even though I was out in the garage and doing my best to learn “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC/DC I believe her inspiration was not her undying love for me but rather her eventual hatred of that fucking song.

Kim Says:

Believe me- the headphones are coming!

suz Says:

lmao Brian!

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