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posted on: December 15th, 2009

Last night was our first snow fall of any real consequence. I woke and made coffee, leashed up the hounds and headed out. I love the first true snowfall in the morning. Everything has been quieted, muffled, and all of the sharp edges rounded out. It makes everything look clean and shrouded in tiny sparkling jewels. The hard bare earth that was brown yesterday now looks brand new as if freshly unwrapped. We walked in the quiet dawn shuffling down the un-shoveled sidewalks, me in my ridiculous brown hunter cap and the dogs in their even more ridiculous “Look! I’m in a GAP commercial!” sweaters. It’s not my fault, they are small and non shedding and therefore don’t grow winter coats. I have always said I would never be one of those people that dress up their dogs and laugh uproariously while the dog wears a quiet pained look of “Just fucking shoot me now.” I blame the sweaters on genetics. It’s just a coincidence that they happen to be adorable ones.

The snow means that Steve and I can finally bust out the gorgeous new winter boots that the dogs bought us for Christmas and I wrapped up beautifully way back in October only to goad Steve into opening them last month. It also makes me think of hot chocolate and Christmas and wool socks and I like thinking about those sorts of things.

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Jeannie Says:

Snow makes me think of getting sued for not clearing the sidewalks.

Brian Smart Says:

Since I am like the Imelda Marcos of hiking boots, winter boots, and outdoor footwear I could not stand you mentioning “gorgeous new winter boots” without you providing me with more details. Gotta know temperature rating and stuff like that…I NEED MY FIX KIM!

By the way I got this new Canada Goose down parka from Conservation Officer Services. I could bust out in a sweat on Pluto in that thing.

Kim Says:

Jeannie- I know EXACTLY what you mean!
Brian- Mine are Cougars (no comments necessary!!!) I think they’re only rated to -23 but Steve’s are kickass- I forget the brand (Canadian made, leather and I think they’re good to -50.) They’re very “manly” ;)
Sigh… I love new shoes. Even when they’re boots.

Brian Smart Says:

Ah yes…Steve likely went with the very practical but hard to dance in Kamiks or the Sorels. Manly indeed. I am looking at some Baffins which are rated to -100C for when I take Riley out for walks when it is 100 degrees below zero (?) plus I have these things for work balled “Bunny Boots” which are kinda like white Sorel Snowlions but they are Canadian Army and you can inflate air pockets into them to increase warmth.

Santa brought Riley some snow booties last year which we bought at a store that outfits sled dogs…but when he wears them he walks like he is on a hot tin roof and then gets embarassed when I start laughing.

Cougars eh? (Smart bites hand to stop from typing comment)

Kim Says:

Excellent restraint Mr. Smart. VERY Smart of you.

Dave Says:

Nice Pic Kim. You’ve got an eye.
or somethin’.

Batcavebilly Says:

Dave, she was just taking a drink and happened to hit the button.
Brian, I get your gear lust. Sounds like you have a pretty great gig.
Kim, thanks for the laughs tonight. You’re awesome!
& yes, I feel the same way about snow that you do. It seemingly ‘cleans the slate’. It’s fresh and clean, it mutes the harshness of the cold. Those that go into hibernation for the winter and don’t take advantage of all that the season has to offer are missing out on so much.

Kim Says:

Dave- definitely “something”
BCBilly- I’m WATCHING you!!!!!!!

Brian Smart Says:

BCBilly: If by gig you mean job then thanks and yes…more staffing and office work than I’d like but the field work in the Yukon is pretty varied and you never now what’s going to happen on those days. Gear lust is a necessity; lousy gear can make for some pretty miserable or dangerous outings.

Kim: Dave made a good point…great picture. What’s a “brown hunter cap” though? Like Elmer Fudd?

Kim Says:

YES! EXACTLY like Elmer Fudd- It’s my fav!!!! ps-You have BCBilly’s DREAM job

Hannah Says:

Its all fun and games until you’re still shoveling the stuff in April!

Kim Says:

Uhg! That would be tooooo much for me!!!!!

We certainly don’t have any snow but I’m ALL about the wool socks and hot chocolate too. I can pretend it’s winter in soCal, even though it’s supposed to be in the eighties this weekend…

kim Says:

Oh god! the eighties…. how I WISH!!!!!

Mr M asked my parents if they knew what the best thing about Christmas was.



“Seeing family?”

“No. It’s snow.”

I miss the first snow of the season…You can keep the rest of them that falls throughout the year….

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