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posted on: June 29th, 2009

Just a wee update before I slide back into an exhaustion coma………

The move is COMPLETE. Everything is unpacked, pictures on the walls, laundry done…. Yup, it looks like we’ve lived here for years because that’s the kind of gal I am. We fucking LOVE it!

Lucy is fitting in very well- poor little thing. She has so many issues I barely know where to start. Oh, yes I do- her teeth. Oh my fucking god. Never have I seen a dog with teeth this bad. I was going to upload a picture from the webs of random bad teeth but they almost made me puke so I’ll spare you. Imagine the worst teeth ever and those would be better than little Lucy’s. Her breath smells like ass and rot. We go to the vet today and I fear I will be shelling out quite a few shekels…….

She’s sweet, shy, sad, skittish, slightly hunched has no idea how to drink out of a bowl, has bad vision and on day four, is already acting like an entirely new dog. She’s standing a little straighter, walking around with more confidence, and napping comfortably without jumping 10ft at every noise. Oh, and she cuddles. A lot. Even Maggi seems to love her. She wagged her tail yesterday and I nearly cried.

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Yay! Congrats on all fronts!

so so happy for this.

Karen Moore Says:

Congratulations from me and Tarra, Lucy has found the perfect home to be loved and cared for. Hope the holidays are going well, no worries here.

Fearless Says:

Awwwww. Just…awwwww.

Congrats on the move. If and when I ever leave the Shoebox, I’ll know who to call for advice…

Ree Says:

Wow! You all are fast.

Love that puppy…

Jeannie Says:


Poor Lucy. Maybe she should have some bones or pig’s ears to chew on to scrape her teeth clean.

I need a new unwanted dog.

congratulations on the move and on getting unpacked so quickly… but ahem, when’s the house warming party?

f.B Says:

We’re moving in a few weeks and I’m going to use your speed — can’t believe you got it all done that quickly — as inspiration.

I just want to say that I love that coffee table!

Dusty Says:

Lawd have sis has the same breed of dog and she is named Lucy too. I love that dog and would steal her from my sis in a NY minute.

So a big ole AWWWWWWWWW for your Lucy. hate it. But glad yours is done.

that is so great! i love that picture, she looks so very relaxed. and she will feel one MIllion times better when her teeth are done! yayee for maggi loving her as well.

LiLu Says:


shine Says:

Lucy is soo cute. Glad you’re moved in and settled!

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