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posted on: June 10th, 2010

So the Good clan grows……..

Between the little cutie his wife brought along and the one that is currently incubating in her oven, we may have a Good family band yet! It will be like the Partridge family- I mean, if the Partridge family blogged about human rights, politics and how to shit bomb someone with the stealth of a ninja.

I’m hoping for a bizarre celebrity name. I’m also hoping the first baby pic to eventually hit his blog has the wee one in the ever popular though rarely seen “I hear Matt Good is a real asshole” onesie.


(I told Steve that my “other boyfriend” was pregnant & he seemed genuinely pleased. Damn fine man, him.)

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Brian Smart Says:

Perhaps in keeping with Chris Martin/Gwyneth Paltrow’s brainiacal name for their child “Apple” they could stick with the food theme….like Tater Good or Asparagus Good. Of course nothing will ever beat the best name I ever heard. I knew a family in my old haunt in Ontario - last name was Dickout. Not kidding. To make matters worse they called their son Lester. That’s correct….Les Dickout. Poor bastard…he must have dreaded recess every fucking day with a name like that.

Kim Says:

I feel bad for the kids but in all honesty- if I were to parent a child (this is yet ANOTHER reason I shouldn’t) I’d totally be an asshole like that about a name. Too much fun to resist……

Phaedra Says:

Such awesome news! And I love the way Rae writes - total amazeballs.

Kim Says:

Yeah- she makes me laugh. There’s a touch of the evil in that girl….. i like it!

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