to desire the replica

posted on: January 25th, 2011

I wasn’t planning on pimping out my nice straight food blog on my slightly batshit fucking crazy one but I have to share this. Go buy some of these oils and vinegars gang- they ship anywhere and the blood orange olive oil will is LIFE CHANGING! Seriously. DO IT!

ok- Pimping done. Carry on.

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Brian Smart Says:

OK so I’m no gallogping gourmet or anything but in univeristy I dated this awesome young lady of Itlaian lineage and among other places, we spent a lot of time in the kitchen (go ahead perverts…most of it was actually cooking!). Anyway, oils, wines, breads…simple and yet luxurious stuff. Olive oil and some spices with the bread she’d make every couple of days was always on the counter.

Kim Says:

Yummm. I now totally want to date your ex hahaha. Don’t tell Steve.

Looks pretty tasty - may have to try it

Phaedra Says:

I’ve just seen these oils and I love how they are rated. Yum yum!

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