to desire the replica

posted on: April 11th, 2009

Lola Gold has her basket- Isn’t she beautiful? You’ll notice the it fits a six of red stripe beer purrrrfectly. Taken out of their handy dandy cardboard tote, I can fit 12. Thanks to Bill for helping me install it (read as- doing it all while I watched and drank beer) because it was quite the ordeal. There was taking apart, there was putting together and at one point there was a dremel involved. I probably would have ended up duct tapping it on.

I am extremely sore from gardening all day yesterday. (yes, I garden. I suck at it, but I garden nonetheless) and now I am off to pop a giant ham in the oven because though I may not believe in god, I definitely believe in ham.

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TK Says:

Easter has the best food of any holiday, hands down.

Dusty Says:

Lola is gorgeous Kim!!!!

I do the ham tomorrow..but I will be sad cuz my son is in OK and won’t be with me.

It’s early on the left coast, but the shit is hitting the proverbial I am imbibing now! Depression is such a bitch..fark!

Cosmo anyone? ;)

Jeannie Says:

oooh la la!

I’d rather ride a Ducati Superbike ;-)

Phaedra Says:

Your bike rocks, and I love how you know how many Red Stripe it fits! My pending question is how many bottles of red, with wine glasses can it fit? You know, in case I come to visit ;)

That’s a sexy bike. Can I have her number?

Kim Says:

Ladies & Gents- Lola is very flattered (except she’s sticking her tongue out at you native minnow)Loss, you may have her number but she has to be home by midnight and stop over with some extra booze at Dusty’s house…..
Phaedra- she carries 3 bottles with glasses and bread & cheese ;)

LiLu Says:

Ham is the most powerful deity of all. All hail Porky!

Happy weekend, lovebug.

f.B Says:

I don’t have a bike, period. Let alone a bike that carries a two-person party’s worth of Red Stripe. I need to move on up and finally get a piece of the pie.

JustJP Says:

Beer. The only reason for baskets on bikes.

Bon Don Says:

I’m with f.B… I too need a piece of that pie!

Lola Auntie Bon Don thinks you are stunning!!

Desert Rat Says:

I love her, I think she fits you perfectly! That is the only type of bike I can ride; try as I may I can’t ride a ten speed or mountian type bike to save my life - they scare me.

Kim Says:

@Desert- me too- I always picture myself going ass over head!!!

oh god, I am buying Red Stripe toNIGHT.

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