to desire the replica

posted on: March 27th, 2009

For the last several months I have developed a rather amusing habit. (amusing to me, I mean.) During a totally unrelated conversation or even a peaceful silence I will whip my head around with a look of “horrified raging bitch” on my face and shout “Did you just call me fat?” at Steve. The first couple of times that I did it I could actually see the wheels spinning madly behind his eyes and could almost hear his thoughts…

“Oh fuck, did I? What were we just talking about? Did I mention her ass? Was I joking? Oh shit oh shit oh shit. What did I just say?”

Now when I do it he just looks over like he kinda wants to punch me a little bit.

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Jeannie Says:

I think I’m in love with you.

Kim Says:

Even though I’m German? lol. I heart you too Jeannie!

We Germans are an awesome people!

Dusty Says:

I do shit like that to the ball n’ chain. I look at him as he ambles down the hall towards my office and scream..WTF do you want mutha fucka? It’s mighty fun to see the horror in his eyes.

Then, I smile so the old fucker can relax and not have the ‘big one’.. ;)

Dusty Says:

I am Norwegian and Hispanic btw..any brownie points for that? ;)

Kim Says:

You guys ROCK! (The German comment was due to Jeannie having a particularly nasty encounter with one but Dusty, you definitely get bonus points for Norwegian Hispanic!)

Bon Don Says:

LOL!! That’s a good one

Omgosh I kind of do the same thing to people!! But I say, “What did you call me?”

It’s fun.

I do something similar. When driving with one of my kids (doesn’t matter which one), and nobody is talking, I’ll look over at them and say, “Shut up! I didn’t ask you what you thought.” They probably want to punch me too.

Desert Rat Says:

LOL. I could picture you doing that.

I should do that here in Spanish to the Mexicans. HA HA

LiLu Says:


I cannot WAIT to try this on B!

suz Says:

oooo gawd! Poor Steve.

Slick Says:

LOL! Damn you’re mean, girl!!

Unfortunately, all of my male friends know that I really couldn’t care less about my weight so they’d probably just say, “Yeah, I did” and keep talking. Sad face. I’ll have to think of something else to get them with…since I don’t have a boyfriend, all my boy friends get it. :)

ashley Says:

This made me burst out laughing! :) I should try that on guys i dont like at bars…

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