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posted on: December 21st, 2009

So it ’tis the season for Christmas parties and Suz & Stan had theirs on Saturday which included a hotel & a little adult time. (Bow chicka bowwaw!) This of course means that I got to spend the night hanging out with my favorite man under 3 feet. He will be 2 years old next month and has mastered more words than I can even begin to list. When he said “Unty” and “I Yove You” I swear to dog that I ovulated right there and then. Every time he did something adorable I immediately became a fallopian tube shaped pez dispenser. (No Suz, I am not having one so just shut it!)

Baby Gray has a thing for belly buttons. As you can see, I spent an inordinately large amount of time with my shirt pulled up and a chubby little finger rammed in mine.


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Brian Smart Says:

All parents and grandparents say this, but it really is amazing how fast they grow up. My wife and the girls did some shopping for the “Share the Spirit” thing here in Whitehorse and the girls did all the wrapping themselves…and a beautiful job I might add. Took the boy out shopping; he insisted on going in the stores himself with his wallet and purchasing with his own card (I think he’s squirreled away a Platinum Visa in there somewhere). I’m just the driver and pretty soon that job will be obsolete too. Sometimes I feel like one of those rusty old battleships that they decommission and tie to the dock; they fill your barrell with cement and next this you know you’re a tourist attraction.

Kim Says:

Uhg! If I could freeze time this would be the age I’d keep him forever. (His parents would probably disagree….;)

Brian Smart Says:

I dunno. My son is 15 now and I kind of like having him along for camping and canoe trips; he’s pretty handy and is better in the canoe than I’ll ever be. The ladies tend to help me watch my Ps and Q’s when I’m out in public and sometimes help me in the morning on my way to work if I am not in uniform, “Dad…you are NOT wearing that to work?”

Jeannie Says:

Well I think it’s fantastic that you get to borrow a kid once in a while. I can live without borrowed kids to be honest but then I had 3 of my own.

magpie Says:

“I swear to dog” is the kind of thing I say.

suz Says:

Just consider yourself lucky that he hasn’t discovered your boobies! He loves to spank my bare bum when I get out of the shower to…imagine what he
ll be like as a teenager…sigh…

Batcavebilly Says:

@ suz. sounds like you’re giving him a rather good start…

Kim Says:

Jeannie- It’s the perfect set up for me! I don’t have to have one, but I still get one! They’re off to New York in Jan and I get him for 5 whole days!!!!!!!!!

What a cutie that kid is!

Dusty Says:

Sweet Jaysus I almost want another one when I real your posts on Baby Gray.

But then..I lay down and thankfully the feeling goes away. ;)

Kim Says:

I feel the same way when I visit him- then I drink a bottle of wine and it goes away!

Dusty Says:

lol…good girl! ;) Enjoy him as he was meant to be enjoyed..a relative that spoils the living shit out of him and then hands him back to mommy and daddy at the end of the day. ;)

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