to desire the replica

posted on: August 27th, 2008

Some days just for the hell of it, I’ll eat all of my meals with chopsticks. Dinner & lunch are usually not too much of a problem, but cereal………..that’ll piss you off.

Exercise in patience

Exercise in patience

I also always drink out of both the juice jug & the milk carton and never close the bathroom door when I pee.

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Stever Says:

Drinking out of the juice and milk cartons is a given.

Kim Says:

Ha Ha! You’re just trying to justify the fact that you drink outta the juice jug in my fridge!

Justin M Says:

i like to shower with the door open then get out and lather myself with cream all the while hiding from the mirrors in case of hidden cameras and telling my dog he’s a pervert for looking at me when i’m naked

Kim Says:

This is why I adore you Jus…. you’re clearly a freak of the highest order.

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