to desire the replica

posted on: July 19th, 2009
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Fearless Says:

Pretty pictures…so far removed from my concrete jungle.

PS: I ran away in the middle of the night and joined the circus.

What can I say, I’m irresponsible sometimes.

Ree Says:


Too Fat Says:

The pics are beautiful but I would like an occassional ratfuckbastard thrown in for good measure. I may get you under contract for some vulgar art work/sponsorship patches for my race.

Hannah Says:

Holy crap you have some beautiful plants and flowers. I wish my garden was that nice!

Kim Says:

Too fat- the badge might actually be a visual depiction of ratfuckbastard. Hmmm. What would one use to project it’s beauty….
ohhhh. blood. I’ll make you a badge out of my blood. (or I’ll just siphon a little of Steve’s while he sleeps- shut up- I’m squeamish.)
Fearless- I was wondering where the hell you disappeared to!
Ree & Hannah- many of these are from my neighborhood- not necessarily my yard- my thumb is THAT green!

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