to desire the replica

posted on: October 18th, 2009
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Jeannie Says:

Love it!

(my tooth is abscessed and I’m grinning like a fool)

Dusty Says:

Provocative title there sista woman!

I love where you stuck Mikey Jackson. ;)

Kim Says:

Dusty- Not too soon? hahahahha
Jeannie- STOP GRINDING!!!! My Mother has teeth the size of a 3 year old for that reason!!!

Kami Says:

well, that’s morose. How ’bout adding in Autumn? That seems to have died with the strange ushering in of a very early noreaster (that I so could have done without, by the way…)

Kim Says:

You and me both Kami!

Brian Smart Says:

Fall lasted about 2 days in the Yukon and then BAM!…winter. I was up on the Top of the World Highway on Saturday and it is definitely f-in winter up there.

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