to desire the replica

posted on: April 28th, 2010
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Yes ma’am, those ARE purrrrdy indeed! :) I love those little hanging pink things (I can never remember their name, but we have them here in the Peg too).

Kim Says:

For some reason those pink things always make me think of a real heart. Ones that’s been ripped out and hung from a tree…..
That’s not weird, right?

Batcavebilly Says:

they’re called bleeding hearts, I’ve got a bunch hanging ’round here..

One Fly Says:

All these are good. Middle one on the bottom for me. There’s flowers out but few.

Kim Says:

BCBilly- you implying that I’m a bleeding heart???!!!! Pfft!
One fly- I love those ones too- unfortunately they’re the ones that disappear the quickest!!!

Brian Smart Says:

Very nice pics. I like flowers and after a few botany courses have a great deal of respect for plants…and for botanists. I’m pretty good with animal and bird identification but I’m a fucking tool when it comes to plants.

Kim Says:

me too- I categorize by;
that’s the great depth of my flower knowledge.

Brian Smart Says:

I know the ones bears eat so that I don’t put my tent there…everything else is basically like your categorization.

Very nice!!!

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