to desire the replica

posted on: January 22nd, 2010
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Brian Smart Says:

For a dog, being a human would be like getting a demotion. Riley wouldn’t have any of being a human (other than the food and he steals what he wants of that anyway). He eats, sleeps, watches TV with the kids, swims in the summer, sleeps some more, fights with the cat, and gets to shit in the yard. What’s better than that? I’d trade places with him in a minute except for the neutering thing.

Kim Says:

And the whole burying your face in the scent of some strangers urine in the grass!

Jeannie Says:

You mean, they aren’t human?

Kim Says:

I forget sometimes!!!!

suz Says:

Ummm…Put on some pants Maggie!!!!
I’m getting tired of staring at your “HooHah”! heehee

I love the picture of your dog lying on its back on the couch. Awesome!

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