to desire the replica

posted on: September 27th, 2009

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Batcavebilly Says:

Mushrooms? Flowers? Where’s the fuckin’ hookah and the caterpillar??

kim Says:

WTF??? I left them downstairs for you! Haven’t you been looking after them????

Taylor Says:

Beautiful :)

What kind of camera do you have?

kim Says:

I have a kick ass clunky old Pentax manual but all these pics for the blog are done on my crappy little digital.
Next on my “frivolous purchase” list is a camera that incorporates both & if I get another Pen- I already have a shwack of lenses!!!

shine Says:

Was that mushroom on your tour of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Because, if so, why didn’t you invite me! I’ve got a golden ticket!

Karen Moore Says:

I LOVE these!


f.B Says:

that mushroom reminded me of Princess Toadstool from the Super Mario Brothers games. because I used to be a nerd. “used to be” = “am still.”

Kim Says:

fB- your nerdism-ness (Shut up! it is SO a word!)is why I adore you!

that is like the perfect mushroom. and also? i’m going to need you to update the side bar pictures with a cute yorkie doggie!

Kim Says:

Damn! You’re right! One Yorkie pic coming up!

Brian Smart Says:

Whenever I see shrooms I think of one night in the Fiji Islands, a bucket for catching crabs, a girl from California, and somehow losing my belt and my passport in the ocean.

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