to desire the replica

posted on: April 25th, 2009
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upstairsguy Says:

Well, aren’t we all blue sky and blossoms today!. Nice to see.

Jay Says:

These are beautiful signs of spring. I hope they come visit me soon.

Bon Don Says:

aww those are beautiful… they shall be my new spring wallpapers!

Lovely! :)

Jeannie Says:

So pretty…we’re not quite that far yet but it’s starting!

TK Says:

Hey K.

I hope this beauteous spring has aleviated some of your burnout.

One of the worst realities of this world is that we can’t make others do what we want them to, even when clearly our way is the best, only, right way. I agree: people suck. I say hole up in your cabin with beer, chips and guacamole until you’re forced to come out.

kim Says:

@TK- HA! that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all weekend!
I needed this weekend- I’m far less homicidal today! ;)

Dusty Says:

Your mood has swung to the light side. And those are so beautiful Kim..thanks for sharing Chica! ;)

f.B Says:

I’ve seen — and this, admittedly, is a rough estimate — a solid none of these in DC. We need some greenery, damnit.

LiLu Says:

Who the frick is this, and what have you done with my deliciously angree Kimmy?? (P.S. Does that make me D.J.?)

Desert Rat Says:

SO pretty!

When I was in AZ last week, I saw all the baby bunnies running around and thought “awe I love spring” ;-)

…although the damn little bunnies almost got run over by me, running out in the street like that!

Kim Says:

It’s ok LiLu, I’m still here. I just stepped into the backroom to oil the rifle.

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