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posted on: August 28th, 2008

Barack has just taken the stage & the question is not whether he will win. That I think is a given. The real question is….. if that nation stands up-as I think it will-to back this man and let him fulfill his first term and put him in a position to lead for another…… the real question is, will he be assassinated before any real change has a chance to take hold?

I unfortunately believe this to be the case. “They” simply cannot afford to let a real leader take the reins. If you think I’m an extremist…. do a little research. Start here and read about Carter & Kennedy and then move forward and look into it for yourself.

It is a sad truth, and even sans assassination, the old boys club will hinder his brand of change at every turn because they simply cannot afford to let him do what he, and many others, believe he can.

From a Canadian perspective, I would LOVE to be wrong. I however fear deeply that I am not.

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Stever Says:

You know, I get these weird thoughts flash in my head too when I watch him speak. “is he gonna get assassinated?”

But really it’s meaningless and irrational. There is nothing to back up thoughts like that really. The fact that a couple other great men who were instigating change got assassinated, King and Kennedy, really has no bearing.

And if it were to happen those of us who said it can’t even claim to have been right all along. It is a purely meaningless irrational thought. Nothing to base predictions on.

I think its simply an inward projection of our own little fears mixed with a dose of cynicism. The last 8 years sure as hell have made many of us cynics.

Kim Says:

I disagree on the “irrational” part. There is a huge difference between an assumption that has the capability to be correct and a “prediction”. I don’t think this is a prediction,(if Obama were to be assassinated- I wouldn’t be jumping up and yelling “I called! I called it!) but nor do I think it’s irrational.There is a clear pattern in US politics of silencing the voice of reason once that voice gains momentum. Recognizing a (glaringly obvious) pattern is far from being a “meaningless irrational thought”.

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