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posted on: March 31st, 2009

Torture has been in the news a lot lately. Well, less so now that Bush & Cheney are no longer in the oval office, but certainly what I would consider a great deal. What defines torture, who has given torture the nod and who just turns the other cheek while rendering a prisoner somewhere that will surely result in torture? People are up in arms about whether or not their government would ever contemplate (let alone carry out) such a heinous act as torture and when can they justify letting some other country do their dirty work in order to keep their hands clean? What about those tortured who were later cleared of all charges or never even charged at all? “Oops! Sorry about that. Don’t worry though, the shaking and nightmares will stop eventually.” The big question; When is torture appropriate?

Guess what gang, the answer is never. Ever heard of a little thing called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service has stated that they will act on tips that were a result of torture because- and I quote-

“It happens rarely in the exchange of information that we have.”

“The recipient of that information doesn’t know how that information was obtained”

-CSIS adviser Geoffrey O’Brian

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but doesn’t that just sound like a slightly more “hands off” and politically correct version of rendition?

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Dusty Says:

yep…it does Kim.

Jeannie Says:

Hope you get your bike.

As for torture - In theory I agree that torture is wrong, however, in dire circumstances which might never ever come to bear, I would use torture to get information that would save a multitude of lives. ie: if they had one of the 9/11 terrorists beforehand, and knew something was afoot, I would not be against their using torture to find out when and where the atrocity was going to occur thereby using the pain of one to save thousands. I think that would be justified. Not that that a situation like that comes up often if ever but if it did…

Kim Says:

@Jeanie- That’s the problem- more often than not when apprehending these suspected terrorists under the guise of “homeland security” and employing torture- the government has proven itself to be INCORRECT more often than not.

Dusty Says:

Prof Jon Turley a constitutional law dude said last night, and most people that deal with the issue of torture concur:

It don’t do squat to pull good info out of a human being. He gave several examples of BushCo’s torture subjects that later proved they said anything to get it to stop.

LiLu Says:

*Gets on soapbox*

You tell ‘em, Kim!

Bon Don Says:

Hey hey hey… I torture my children, does that make me a bad person!? No way! :)

Who else would embarrass them or tear their room apart?

Kim Says:

That torture is not only acceptable, it’s strongly encouraged.

Dave Says:


Are you kidding me? If you are willing to trust that the government and the police are accurate enough in their intelligence to use torture, your head is in the sand. Without a complete investigation and trial, I wouldn’t trust the system to choose whether or not they should use a taser, let alone waterboard someone. What’s sick is that the same morons give the go ahead to drop enough bombs to level a city block on a military target that turns out to be an apartment complex.
All the hype on television, about how incredible the technology is and how deadly accurate the military is, is just that; Hype. Note the 12 year old boy exhuberance that accompanies any technology bit on TLC, then watch clips from Vietnam on the history channel they have a very different feel, because those clips generally show what has come out from people who were there on the ground. Nothing was working, people were dying and the government was blocking every iota of information. Again and again we’ve seen them fail and cover it up. The leaks that intelligence had a sniff of what was coming on 9/11 are intentional, they are justification for the Patriot act, when there is no justification for the Patriot act. Protect your rights and the rights of others. The way to avoid the next 9/11 is to stop invading foreign countries, stop supporting Israeli brutality, stop setting up insurgents with training and weapons because they are CLEARLY working in our best interest. Stop selling guns and start helping people live.
Holy Crap! Would you admit that you were part of the 9/11 conspiracy if they started drowning you and beating you while you’re tied to a chair?

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