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posted on: August 31st, 2008

The reason for the massive scaling back of the Republic convention is explained here and is apparently to focus on the impending storm Gustav. What they really mean is that they know it’s a losing battle so they are conserving their funds in order to ensure that once they officially lose the presidential bid, they will still have enough left over cash to buy bibles, anti-gay & anti-abortion literature to distribute through out the US school system.

So clever of them to plan ahead, isn’t it?

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Stever Says:

Gustav may very well press onwards all the way north to Minnesota, where the convention is being held, so scaling down on the convention seems prudent I suppose. You know how strong hurricanes can get as they pass over a warm ocean of midwest bible-thumpers. They should evacuate the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri to clear a path for Gustav all they way through to Minneapolis.

And how convenient for MC McCain. Bush and the rest of the ruling party members wont be at the convention. That’s an easy way to distance yourself from such an unpopular president and administration.

Sounds to me like the “emergency preparedness” going on in New Orleans is such a massive over reaction and a total farce in light of the complete lack of reaction 3 years ago. So every time now that a moderate sized storm comes bearing down on New Orleans they need to evacuate 2 million people?

“Welcome to New Orleans where we play musical chairs on a big scale”.

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