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posted on: September 27th, 2008

Well, amid the beer & bbq ribs and despite the ridiculous 6pm start, we managed to sit through the debate last night and here is my own personal highlight reel;

McCain pronounces “Taliban“  as though he’s saying “lollipop.

Obama called McCain “Tom” & “Jim.” (Laughed so freaking hard)

McCain most often referred to “The next President” or “Who ever is President” while Obama used phrases like; “When I am President” or “As President I will….”

McCain- “We are winning the war in Iraq. We will come home with victory.” (insert gagging chocking noise)

Obama- “I think the first question is whether we should have gone into this war in the first place”.

McCain- “We cannot afford a second holocaust”. (A second? are you fucking kidding me?)

McCain- “I’ve looked into Putin’s and all I saw was K.G.B” (Almost peed my pants at that one)

Obama- “We took our eye off the ball”.

An undeniable war hero does not ensure a great President

McCain-”I have a good maverick partner” (I expected a quick camera flash to the audience and Palin waving and grinning like an idiot in one of those “Hi Mom!” moments.)

All in all, it was an entertaining debate and has cemented a couple of facts for me;

#1 Obama is one hell of a charismatic man

#2 McCain is about 600 years old.

#3 Steve has a massive crush on Michelle Obama.

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Stever Says:

Hey! Hush about the Crush on Michelle. Now the Secret Service will know what I’m up to when I’m stalking her.

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