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posted on: January 26th, 2009
Doesn't it look like Harper's sitting at the kiddie table?

Doesn't it look like Harper's sitting at the kiddie table?

Well, the little vacation that Harper forced when he realized that we think he’s a jackass prorogued government is over. Back to work gang! I assume everyone is waiting with baited breath for the budget on Tuesday because it will give us a clear indication as to how hard his hand was slapped when he ran from the confidence vote like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum at Toy’s R Us.

The chances of a coalition now are slim to none but when the possibility reared it’s ugly head and stood poised to snap Harper in half between those teeth sharpened with righteous indignation, I think he was actually surprised that Canadians weren’t going to stand for his “I am the King” routine. Has he learned his lesson? I seriously doubt it. I honestly think that he figures he should damn well be able to run the country as though it were his majority government while conveniently forgetting that less than half of us voted for him. I think the only thing that will really change is that he will be forced to become a better actor because I certainly don’t believe he’s interested in all of the hand holding and team work he’s being made to be a part of. I think we’re about to witness some serious passive aggressive behavior. Personally, I’m anxious to see how Ignatieff and Harper respond to one another as Harper has the “supreme ruler” complex thing going on while Ignatieff is brand new in the party leader job and looking to set his reputation as a solid one. He doesn’t strike me as a guy how will allow himself to be pushed around, but we’ll see.

Call me crazy but even if the budget is accepted tomorrow, I’m expecting fireworks, and not the kind that come with beers on the beach.

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Matt Says:

god I hate the word budget

Rachel Says:

I’m with Matt. *shudder*

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