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posted on: August 28th, 2008

I don’t have children so the fervor of back to school shouldn’t really affect me- and yet it does. Not in the crazy shopping mall frenzy way that it hits parents and students, but I feel something nonetheless.  It isn’t a dread or an excitement……it’s a kind of melancholy. Spring is the season of growth & rebirth. A beginning- where as Fall feels like an ending of sorts. It’s the seasonal equivalent to “wrapping up the year, all down hill from this point.”

Comforts of the Fall(en)

Comforts of the Fall(en)

I like the warm days & crisp nights, sweaters & fuzzy socks, cold noses & soup under a blanket. Fall is my favorite season by far. I love it. Yet every time it comes around, I can’t help but feel a little sad.

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raymi Says:

seeing school supplies in stores stresses me out and yet i want all of them

Kim Says:

yeah- why, as an adult, do I suddenly crave white paste, bright pencil cases and more notebooks that I could hope to fill in a lifetime? I give all my friends permission to shoot me in the face should I come home with a hello kitty pen set.

suz Says:

Can I squirt liquid paprr in your eye if you piss me off? Please?

Kim Says:

NO! We’ve been there….. done that!
Not going back!

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