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posted on: August 29th, 2009

I live in BC and as you may or may not know, most of my beautiful province is on fire right now. This is what a normal day at the river looks like.

This is what it’s looked like recently. And today is actually a good day. You can see the hills. Yesterday, not so much. Tomorrow- who knows.

Despite the crap air, the dogs and I still managed to have a lovely day on the beach watching a couple of local boys play in the river. (Thanks for the show Jesse & Steve)

And lastly, if any of you happen to be counting, Steve comes home on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve made the most brilliant Moroccan marinade in which 2lbs of gorgeous short ribs are currently bathing, and holy crap, I can’t wait. (For Steve I mean, the ribs will be good and all, but let’s be honest here people, he’s been gone for almost a fucking month.)

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Desert Rat Says:

Steve is such a lucky man and not just because you are clearly a WONDERFUL woman but also because he gets to go home to what looks like delicious MEAT!

I’m glad Steve gets home soon for you!

I would have never been able to watch those boys; I would have covered my eyes every time they did some crazy stunt ;-).

Kim Says:

DR- I have to admit that I almost wanted to try it!!!! I know! I’m an idiot, but I really wanted to.
I didn’t.

Taylor Says:

I love BC so much! I want to come visit.

Chick Says:

Have a great homecoming!

I’m sure it will be yummy all around.

Great photos.

that is such a cool picture of the ribs. yayee for hanging out by the water and yayee for coming home!

Jeannie Says:

Poor air quality is sucky but at least it’s nice wood smoke and not chemicals and stuff. Not that your lungs like it any better in the long run.

We used to do stupid stunts - riding our bikes off the end of docks and such - but we sure didn’t have ramps…I suppose it would be a good way to practice if you planned to do it without the water? (like the leaps in Dirty Dancing)

justjp Says:

This just proves I need to move out of the swamp!

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