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posted on: December 8th, 2009

Is it just me or are any of you out there with a blog also getting an inordinately large amount of Russian spam these days?


Don’t get me wrong, the characters of the font are beautiful (Очень интересно… если бы еще и правда была-I have no idea what that says but it certainly is lovely! Probably tells me to go fuck a goat or something knowing my luck) but seriously, is there a Russian blog comment party in town that no one has bothered to tell me about?

So much for Japan because apparently I’m big in Russia.

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Brian Smart Says:

No spam but I’ll keep an eye on them for you (I can see Russia from my house).

Kim Says:

Brian, you’re such a maverick!

magpie Says:

I had great fun running some badly translated blather through Bablefish a few times, back and forth.

i find some of my spam is so nice i don’t even want to delete it. but i haven’t had the russian in a while.

Kim Says:

Magpie- I should totally do that- if only to see if I’m right about the goat!

Molly Says:

Actually, I did just recently google myself and clicked the image tab and some Russian, what I believe is a whore site, popped up. I think my face is out on a Russian porn site all thanks to my blog! So, you may be getting mail, but I’m getting sold for 3cents a minute!

That comment means…

“It is very interesting… if even and truth was”

I ran it through Babelfish. I get these comments too, and theyr’e fun to translate.

Here’s my favorite that I’ve recieved, “In this more than negative. One devised, and thousand caught…” Pretty deep, huh?

I wrote an entire article/blog post about this, entitled “In Soviet Russia, Blog Comments Leave You!”, if you care to read it.

lubos Says:

I also get a huge number of these russian spams. Luckily for me, I know a bit of russian so I can at least practice my language skills… Usually they say random stuff about how wonderful my content is. My site is related to Slavic culture (, but it’s written in English and not many people (younger generation at last) in Slovakia speak or read russian. Very strange.

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