to desire the replica

posted on: August 10th, 2011

Terrific. It’s center of the fucking sun hot and we get thunder with no rain. Really? I could actually fry an egg on my left boob. Well, if it weren’t for the dogs. The licking just makes it creepy.

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Stever Says:

what? no pics? Need boob pics to confirm, else it did not happen :)

kim Says:

Seeing as we’re married I’m pretty sure you know what they look like.

Brian Smart Says:

Boobs. Eggs.

I skipped breakfast this morning but now I am taking an early lunch.

Doing some work towards the Yukon-Alaska border right now. Not exactly hot enough for cooking anything on any part of your anatomy.

Kim Says:

Hi Smarty Pants!!!! Welcome back!!!

Brian Smart Says:

Hope you are well Kim. Glad you are posting again. Did a bunch of bear work…no not bare work…and lots of flying in the last couple of months but now doing some work with a First Nations group near the border. Plus getting a divorce so lots on the go.

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