to desire the replica

posted on: November 9th, 2010

Tonight I shall primp and paint and try to look like someone who spends less than 70% of her life in flannel pajama pants and attend a little wine and cheese gallery event. I will even wear my sexy black boots- the kind that Susin & I use to call “Come fuck me” boots when we saw girls wearing them in high school. Wait. Are “Come fuck me” boots only the ones that go all the way up to your thigh? In that case I’ll be wearing my “How about just a little oral?” boots and maybe even a little perfume.

I like these little soirees. I like wine and cheese and appetizers and clean underwear and lipstick. I do not however usually like the other people that attend. I find pretension extremely irritating and chances are that at least one person will walk in wearing a fucking beret and stand all jaunty like in front of random works and hum and haw about their deeper meaning. They won’t know the deeper meaning- they’re just concerned that they appear to be contemplating it.

I shall do my best to refrain from calling anyone an asshat tonight. I shall also automatically befriend anyone that comes up to me and says “Hey! Those are great come fuck me boots!”

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Jeannie Says:

Oh I would have such fun going with you! I also despise pretension.
A few years back my guy & I went to a Cohen concert downtown and pretty much everyone wore black. Quite a few berets. Lots of blunt/pageboy cuts.

Kim Says:

uhg! Makes me want to puke but I would give my left arm to see Cohen. I remember you blogging that you were going and I was BURNING with jealousy.
(We could have worn hot pink or lime green just to piss people off!)

Practice saying “Clearly the artist is trying to portray man’s inhumanity to man” or some other rot. :)

Yeah like me, you need a soiree that’s just you and some food and booze. :) You can come to mine though, and we’ll be glowering anti-social types together. :)

Phaedra Says:

so how many ‘asshats’ slipped out, exactly?

Kim Says:

I am pleased to say that not one single “asshat” slipped out. I did have too much wine though so that could be why.

Dusty Says:

I call my boots: Joan Crawford fuck me boots. It’s from one of her old movies where she was dressed to the nines…being stoned currently I can’t remember the movie title.

Hope you had fun chica! ;)

suz Says:

clean underwear, oral, and wine and cheese! You’re a class act baby! I hope u got lucky!
God i miss you! xoxoxxo

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