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posted on: June 1st, 2010

They have to be shitting their pants right now. In fact- the whole industry is most likely shitting their pants because we all know that Obama has to do something big. He has to take steps to ensure this doesn’t become “Obama’s Katrina”. (Yes- comparing the two is completely ridiculous, however, in response time……….. uhm.)

So this is how I see it. The flame is slowly moving from BP towards the government. People hate BP- they hate them with the fire of a thousand suns- but because the government has continued to let BP “handle it” and continue to fumble it, Obama is going to start taking a lot of fucking heat.  This being said- Obama is going to have to make some sweeping changes and some major moves to the oil industry to ensure that this doesn’t blow up in his face. I’m pretty sure that’s where this whole “they may face criminal charges” thing stems from. I think we’re all well aware that this will never happen (civil suits? yes. Criminal- I seriously fucking doubt it) but it makes it sound as though action is being taken while they scramble to figure out an actual action to take.

Hence the whole oil industry starting to shit it’s pants. This is no longer a BP problem. They will all have to deal with Obama’s response to this disaster.

And they won’t like it.

On the up side- it’s keeping the shit scene that is Israel right now off of most front pages.

Holy hell…… nobody fucks shit up like we “higher beings” do huh?

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Jeannie Says:

I just don’t know what to say about either issue.

Guess there are more than just oil industry types paying attention. With so many disasters occurring lately - man-made and natural - and the damage of both that could have been minimized considerably if people had been more responsible than greedy - perhaps this is the expensive lesson - the wake up call that everyone needed to hear. Let’s hope something good comes out of it.

But I don’t expect much will. The little people affected will never recup their losses as per New Orleans and Indonesia. The rich will reap all the aid benefits leaving those without the resources to be at the front of the aid lineup with nothing.

As for Israel - while they do some nasty shit - they ARE trying to survive in an area where they are distinctly under threat of annihilation from their neighbors. The fact that Israel has resources to keep them strong for now which has been touted as unfair is irrelevant. If there were a troop of boy scouts armed with stones, intent on the destruction of my home and family - and boy scouts had been causing violent trouble in numerous other places killing people to the point of genocide - and I had an Uzzi - I’d use it. Sorry. I wouldn’t be the PC darling but I’d be alive. I’d probably be a little trigger happy too. Just sayin.

Kim Says:

uhg- Israel is a tough one- yes- defend yourself, but they’ve been doing FAR more than that for a while- all with the US backing, or at least turning a blind eye- for far too long.

Brian Smart Says:

BP is certainly pissing me off but at the same time I am a bit inclined to not totally hang them out to dry. It’s like being mad at your drug dealer; we create this situation by our over-dependence on fossil fuels.

Israel: I don’t know on that one either - getting in a boat and heading for the Israeli coast - I think I’d expect to be shot at if I tried that but by the same token if you board a ship in international waters, toting an assault rifle…you’d better expect trouble too. Was there no other, less lethal way to intercept the floatilla?

Oh and good on the Ottawa police for shooting moose that wander into town in case we have not had enough news that makes no fucking sense in the last couple of days. We shoot bears,moose, with those guns out of helicopters for Christ’s sake and McGrew from the Zoo or whatever his name is can’t hit one on the ground?

Kim Says:

Brian- Just checking my analytics and someone used the keywords “Brian Smart Whitehorse” and was directed here. Got a chuckle outta that!

Brian Smart Says:

I’m undercover eh. I might also show up on the Environment Yukon site somewhere for posted jobs…hopefully no pictures from this afternoon of me taking a bears temperature…and I don’t mean with an oral thermometer either…

Kim Says:

Uh….yeah, tell me THAT doesn’t piss off a bear!

Brian Smart Says:

Kim: interesting statistic one of our guys in GIS/Logistics/mapping figured out in his spare time the other day. They currently estimate that 21 million gallons of oil has leaked into the Atlantic. To put that in perspective, that’s enough to fill 5 gallon jerry cans that put end to end would go from Whitehorse Yukon to Edmonton AB. The mother of all fuckery.

Kami Says:

I’m so sad about the oil spill and about the Israeli shit storm. But…who here thinks Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are gonna reunite? Anyone? Anyone?

Kim Says:

I adore you Kami.

being on Twitter it was disturbing how quickly Israel and Turkey stopped trending. on the other hand the Oil Spill hasn’t stopped trending. good and bad. as far as calls to action to go.

damn that video from under the water was hard to watch. there really aren’t words for how i feel about what is happening to the eco system.

Kim Says:

100?????? ohhhh! Looking forward to it C!!!!

Kim Says:

ha ha- that comment was for the other post about your 100 things. Apparently I can’t navigate my own damn blog.

This oil spill is so utterly depressing, but if this doesn’t wake us up and get us seriously searching for alternative fuel technologies, I don’t know what will.

Did you see that at the same time as they’re dealing with this clean-up effort BP is lobbying to relax drilling regulations in the Arctic? I’m not making this up.

Kim Says:

I know- it’s disgusting.

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