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posted on: September 26th, 2011

When you read this post, you may have a distinct idea as to whether or not I am a good person. It should also be said that your personal thoughts on this post will give ME a distinct idea as to whether or not I like you.

So I’m hand-rolling rice paper ginger pork and mixed greens rolls (because I’m fucking awesome!) and my husband starts to be even more pathetic than he was an hour earlier. (Not to say my husband is pathetic, in fact he kind of rules and is probably WAY cooler than your husband but he was feeling “poorly”) He was a wee bit doozy and woozy and all of those other words that you associate with something rather Dr. Suess-ish. So, he was going to roll down the street to our dim sum spot to pick up out favorites (prawn & leek cake, prawn & corn dumpling, steamed beef buns, prawn spring rolls & steamed prawn bun)  and it becomes clear to me at some point while rolling those little rice packages of goodness that my husband has the flu. I was hesitant to diagnose his lethargy as the flu any earlier due to the sheer volume of wine that we had consumed the night before. However, it was obvious rather quickly that I was going to have to run down to Happy Good Time Meals and pick up the desired dim sum. Before leaving I asked him if he wanted tea or water, a hot water bottle or fuzzy blanket (read as; awesome sympathetic wife!) He declined and I skipped off to pick up a dinner of delights that would be supplemented with my hand rolled deliciousness. (Again, AWESOME WIFE!)

So throughout the evening he seemed to be getting worse and by the time that I returned with an earth killing amount of styro take out containers, he was in the throws of feeling like utter crap. I dished out and he ate a few cursory bites before going to bed.

I rubbed his neck and shoulders until he fell asleep and then I went and ate all of his dim sum.

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