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posted on: November 19th, 2010

It’s a well known fact that people who put up Christmas lights in OCTOBER or NOVEMBER drive me completely batshit crazy.

Having said that….. as of tomorrow, November 20th, I will be done all of my Christmas shopping. Including stocking stuffers.

I know. I’m confusing.

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Brian Smart Says:

Not to piss you off but I have started my Christmas lights and I have an excuse OK! If you wait until December in Whitehorse it’s way too fucking cold to put up the lights and you lose all manual dexterity in your fingers and are in danger of falling off the ladder due to frozen digits. I think I froze all 11 digits last year hanging up the lights. You’re done shopping? Are you like some profane version of Martha Stewart and Marie Osmond all rolled into one?

Jeannie Says:

I don’t do Christmas lights at all but as Brian says - it’s too cold here to wait until December. Lots of folks put them up early but don’t turn them on.

Dave Says:

Never took em down.

Dusty Says:

Crazy bitch. ;p I love you and the fact that you even buy gifts for those you love. It’s a dying art.

Kim Says:

Brian & Dave- you can get away with it as long as they’re NOT TURNED ON!
Jeannie- I’m with you- light are waaaayyyy too much hassle!
Dusty- I’ve been known to make a gift or two- many crappy handmade scarves and other assorted horrors floating around out there… I’m also obsessed with wrapping. Have sew gifts up with fabric before.. hahaha That one pissed a few people off! I think it’s because of my darling hippy mother- we didn’t have traditional christmas- sometimes it was july, sometimes January and if I wanted the gift wrapped, I had to do it (my own included)

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