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posted on: November 13th, 2009

Are you superstitious?

I am most decidedly not, though people who don’t know me well tend to think that I am even though I don’t do the whole salt over the shoulder thing or other such craziness. I do however double and triple check things, when I ride Lola Gold I have to ring the bell twice when I start out, and I talk to inanimate objects quite often. I have always found it strange that people confuse OCD with superstition. C’mon people, it’s an entirely different brand of loony. I don’t have a problem walking under ladders, nor do I knock on wood but I will wash my hands 50 or so times a day and jiggle the doorknob a few extra times even though I know it’s locked. Because I just fucking locked it!


I will never be on one of those reality shows tapping my nose against the window pain 7 times, pulling out my own hair or arranging things in my shopping basket a certain way in order to stave off a panic attack. This strikes even me as odd as I am normally such an all or nothing kinda gal. Yes, you read that correctly, I am surprised that I’m not specifically organizing my fridge condiments or omitting the letter R from my vocabulary. I don’t usually do things in such a half assed sort of way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for this, but am nonetheless, surprised.

My question is this; Are you superstitious? If so, are you compelled to be, or have you chosen to be?

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I choose to be. But only on a few things. For example, when I drive under an overpass and there’s a train going across the overpass, I’ll put at least one hand up on the ceiling of the car to “hold the train up” because that’s what we did as kids. I’ve no idea if anybody else did this but, yeah, I still do.

Kim Says:

hahahahhahahah! I used to lift my feet!!!!

justjp Says:

Just another day in my hood really…

Kim Says:

jp- You live around here?

Brian Smart Says:

Sometimes I throw salt over my shoulder, but then I throw the lime wedge at somebody I don’t like in the pub and then throw back the tequila shooter anyway which I think is more about controlling impulsiveness than superstition. I knock on wood and won’t light a third person on a match. I think I believe in jinxes too; if the kid brother and I are out fishing and he says, “We’re going to catch some fish today” I normally reply angrily: “Way to go…you just fucked us”. There is also that holding your breath thing when going by a graveyard.

Jeannie Says:

Not superstitious but I’m often afraid that I’ll jinx something by boasting…for instance, I don’t like to say I haven’t had a car accident since _____ because when I have said it, I have another. This has happened at least twice.
…or jinx by “nevering” Such and such NEVER happens…because it will.

I’ll preface statements by saying, I just know life will make a liar out of me but ______

It’s the only way I can fend off the humiliation of life making a liar out of me.

No OCD here though. Unless it makes sense. Like - I always look in the rear view mirror before backing my car up.

Kim Says:

Brian- I forgot about the 3rd light thing- my Dad was big on that one, surprise surprise!
Jennie- I think more people need review mirror ocd hahaha

Stever Says:

I have little patience for silly superstitions. I’m the guy rolling his eyes when someone takes a wide berth around a ladder, or more likely the guy who openly mocks you for such idiocy then walks right under that ladder to annoy you.

Today I saw on the news that scientists of all sorts are getting more and more STUPID calls and emails asking about the coming end of the world in 2012. Hello?!! It’s a fucking movie people!

Want to know why that ancient Mayan calendar ended in 2012? The dude that was building it, 2000 fuckin’ years ago, figured he did enough work for the time being. He had to stop some time, and 2012 was simply how far he got before he decided to call it quits. Simple as that.

Why is it the idiots of this world are the most prolific breeders?

Brian Smart Says:

Maybe Nostradamus was a porn star and not a prophet? I hope the fucker is wrong cuz I just re-shingled the roof last summer and if we get hit by a comet or meteor I’m gonna be pissed off.

Kim Says:


Joker_SATX Says:

Not superstitious at all…I cause superstitions however…

suz Says:

definitely supersticious here…
I knock on wood and insist that everyone else does to. I avoid walking in front of black cats, same with laddders, hoaxes frighten me, I think an old tenant put a hex on my house…I truly believe it…
Voodoo makes me shiver …all of it freaks me out. I also believe in karma and even tho one has nothing to do with another…they remind me of eachother …if that makes any sense.
I try not to think bad things for fear that they will happen. I remember when Kim and I were about 10… We were standing inside the mall doors waiting for a bus. This younger girl had wine stained knees walked by with her parents. Stupidly, and because I was so imature…I loudly made fun of her. I knew better, and wasn’t often cruel. I thought it would some how be cool. Her father said something to me. I was so ashamed. I still am. I have never forgotten it.
At 27 I developed the same skin disorder that Micheal Jackson had. Vitiligo. I have albino white patches spreading all over my body.
I truly believe that it is because I had made fun of that little girl. Could be karma? Could be a hex? Or voodoo. Some say we get it because we were vain in our past lives and we are being taught a life lesson…Or it could be nothing.
Either way…I know I don’t have OCD.

p.s. Steve u are perfect for Kim!

Dusty Says:

Well, let me think a min..

Ok..I ain’t superstitious. But I am a giant pain in the ass..does that help? ;p

Kim Says:


TK Says:

At first I knee-jerked and thought hell no I am NOT superstitious, but then I thought about New York City traffic. It can take two hours sometimes for Husband and I to get over two bridges from Queens into NJ–a distance of about 8 miles. When traffic is flowing and there is no slowdown or braking, I refuse to comment that there’s no traffic, because the second you say that some jackass will rear-end a tractor trailer full of dish detergent causing a massive 10-car pileup, thus delaying my arrival to my destination.

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