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posted on: May 22nd, 2009

In case anyone is interested……

Hello? Is anyone there?

Well, I’m going to go ahead anyway. An uninterested room has never really been something to stop me seeing as I mostly talk just to hear my own damn voice. (See! there I go again!) You can’t see it but Susin & Steve are both probably rolling their eyes violently right now……

11days and I will say goodbye to my car forever. My only mode of transport will be Lola Gold, my smarmy 1960’s vintage Phillips cruiser which you can drool over here. I am fine about this transition but will be weeping uncontrollably once that asshole Jack Frost reappears.

16 days until I am rendered unconscious while four wisdom teeth are being ripped from my mouth and these little fuckers are hanging on for dear life. They’ve burrowed a lovely little suburban area into my jaw, complete with a JC Penny and a couple of drive thru liquor stores. I have already begun petitioning to be supplied with a larger than required drug supply because that’s the kind of girl I am.

34 days until I am on vacation. I shall sit on the beach with my dog, consume triple my body weight in beer & wine and obsesses just a little more about the upcoming move. If it rains I hereby dissolve myself of any responsibility for my homicidal actions.

69 days until we move. I must pace myself in this area. Spending 1/3 of my work day looking at lamps on line really is excessive at this point in the game. I also must slow down on the purchases for the new place because I can ill afford it. Mostly though, it’s because I have no where left to put anything. I have already rendered my kitchen table useless and Steve won’t let me start packing as of yet because apparently boxing up stuff that you use every single day 69 days prior to moving is “obnoxious.”

As most of you know, I am not really a “waiting” type of person so this should be much like swallowing live parasites and watching them fester deep withing your internal organs fun.


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That’s quite a mixed bag. At least you have some good stuff to look forward to. Meds? They’re good stuff.

You should come to the central coast of California for vacation! Discotrash and I will ply you with more booze than you could possibly handle!

Kim Says:

ohhhhhh. I like it!!!! I might have to make a journey one of these days!!!

Um pretty sure looking at lamps for 1/3 of the day is NOT excessive. I do that kind of thing and I don’t even need any.

Kim Says:

hahaha! the 1/3 is just the lamps- I spend the rest of the day looking at shelving. (Employee of the freaking YEAR right here baby!)

Brian Smart Says:

Wow. Where’d you get that bike? Pee Wee Herman had a garage sale? You have to be like the guy in Whitehorse we call the “bike nazi” - rides his bike all year long no matter the weather- even when it is 50 below…and he screams at passing cars because he OWNS the road. Best part is when he rides with a smoke and cell phone going.

Kim Says:

Brian I am sooooo going to be that crazy person on the bike!!!! I can fit a case of beer in the basket and occasionally smoke while riding.

Jeannie Says:

Pack your winter things and doodads. Put the boxes somewhere Steve has to step over them Or move them 7 times a day. Go through the stuff you have and have a garage sale so you CAN buy the stuff you want.

Desert Rat Says:

OH Jeannie has the best comment ever! I’m with her. Although for some reason I imagine you being a fun yard saler and yet takeing your stuff back…”how much is this” “oh no that’s not for sale”

It sounds almost like some cruel Groundhog Day / Christmas Eve hybrid. Good luck with that.

There is absolutely no way I could get rid of my car. I admire you for that. Carbon footprint? What carbon footprint?

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