to desire the replica

posted on: November 28th, 2008

Consider this a Prop 8 pictorial for idiots. Stupid people tend to like visuals.

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redstar Says:


Donna Says:

Holy shit… but… the gays marry. Wow. Thanks for opening up my eyes about this one. :P

Chick Says:

Silly…I love this…is my love wrong?

Dusty Says:

Wait a minute!!!!!

I am a visually oriented personage…and I voted no on the homophobic amendment that the Theocrats pushed to hell and back.

But it is a great your blog. ;)

goodie Says:

hey you all gay bitches here! you guys are all going too hell and u guys re going too burn in hell for ever and ever!! get ur life together bitches before its too late dumazzES

tsutomu Says:

why do you even bother bashing?
we’re gonna win eventually, so
what’s the point
~pride :) ~

Love knows no borders. Even in the animal kingdom there are same gender preferences. Why would humans be different ?

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