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posted on: September 25th, 2009

I’m passing this on from Matt’s site. I know, you don’t live in Vancouver. Hell, I haven’t lived in Van for almost 5 years but I worked in the DTES and I know it well. If we all add the required dollar maybe we can help the people that are currently being bulldozed over for the fucking Olympics. Hiding the problem doesn’t make it go away. Making the city look “pretty” for a couple of weeks doesn’t make it go away either.

Holy damn I’d love to see them buy the old Pender.

Seriously. Just a buck. They even take Paypal.

ps- The link doesn’t appear until the end so if you’d like to jump straight there it’s

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Dave Says:

Holy crap is this ever a great idea. I’ve never lived in Vancouver but we intend to be on the island in 2 years. One way or another this is a great thing. I wonder how many people are going to donate from outside the city. With high-profilers like Matt putting it out there, I wouldn’t be surprised if people in the east are making donations. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Kim Says:

I hope so. Seriously though- it took me 30 seconds on paypal. I’d love to see them turn the old Pender into something positive.

Dusty Says:

Kimbelle, if I give an American Dollar, with the current exchange it more or less than a Canuck buck?

Kim Says:

More. It means you care more!

Stever Says:

Dusty, It’s only slightly more right now at $1.09 so at today’s exchange rate you would care about 9% more.

kim Says:

Dusty- this means that I adore you 9% more than I did yesterday!

Dusty Says:

Where the hell is the website to contribute or at least a paypal button? I didn’t see it on Matt’s site either.

kim Says:

It’s in the vid at the end. Go to
Thank you Dusty.

dusty Says:

Ok, I did it, thanks for the website addy Kim. Gave them five bucks Canadian which was converted frm American.

It was slightly confusing for my dumb ass. ;)

Brian Smart Says:

I’ll throw a buck or two in there. This bullshit gets my irish up whether it’ Vancouver or Whitehorse. Up here here we have a multi-million dollar Canada Games Centre and we’re throwing more money towards havinvg the fucking flame come through town and yet we cannot get a decent facility around here to look after kids at risk who don’t have a proper roof over their heads.

LiLu Says:

You had me at the title of that video.

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