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posted on: November 1st, 2010

So last night was Halloween and I popped a giant roast in the oven for dinner, settled in with a good book and a glass of wine and waited for the swarm of begging little children to arrive.

I had an enormous vat of candy at the ready as well as a bowl of change for the UNICEF boxes (which I never see anymore but refuse to believe no longer exist) I was feeling rather smug about how much candy I had on hand as this was only the second Halloween in about a decade I’ve lived somewhere that kids will come to. The last one was downtown Vancouver, the West end to be precise. Anyone who knows Van just let out an audible groan and knows that the streets in that area on Halloween are so packed with costumed kids that one has to assume they’re busing them in from other provinces. We were having a cocktail party that night- nothing major, just drinks and appetizers while handing out goodies to the wee ones.

So as the sun dipped down they started coming.

And kept coming.

We ran out of candy shockingly fast and so I raided the wallets of all party guests and anything under $5 was fair game. Then we ran out of money so we started just chucking in random shit from the house. I know for a fact one kid got a set of coasters and another got a tea towel. As I was slipping my well worn copy of Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground into some little kid’s loot bag I knew we were finished. We put a sign on the door and turned up the music so we couldn’t hear the still constant train of kids come up and then go right back down the front stairs.

This year, I was ready. Maybe too ready.

5 kids came by last night.

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Look on the bright side. You have a shit load of candy at your disposal now. AWESOME!

Stever Says:

@Veggi Slayer

Correction: The husband now has a shit load of candy at his disposal :)

Kim Says:

“Candy” to me would be cheese and bread. Or a hunk of melted cheese on bread.

Dusty Says:

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!It figures..its either feast or famine w/those curtain climbers on All Hallows Eve, which btw is my son’s birthday (he is 31 going on 12). I called him, he didn’t answer his phone nor has he returned my call. Boy is he in for it now! Wait till he calls again to borrow money..the mom atm will be closed! ;)

Kim Says:

Halloween birthday? Candy AND presents?

Pauline Says:

“5 kids came by last night.”

Awww, that’s no fun. (Then again running out of candy and facing a continuous stream of trick or treaters during a party isn’t good either)

We had a good amount. There were some unusually late stragglers this year though.

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