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posted on: July 29th, 2009

You know when it’s so hot that your skin just weeps, your hair always feels sticky and damp like someone peed on you and you fantasize about running naked under the sprinkler that you just walked by?? That’s what’s going on in the BC interior right now. Yesterday was a little cooler than predicted- it only got to 39. For those of you in the USA that translates to “Holy fuck, I think my legs are melting.” This is the kind of weather that makes your eyeballs dry and your mouth taste like it’s stuffed full of sauna towels and pie shaped wedges of the sun.

I love hot days and I love cool nights. Currently, I’m only being satisfied 50% of the fucking time because there is no evening cool down period when the ball of fire sinks below the horizon and the breeze rolls in. When I went to bed last night it was still 26 outside. And I have no air conditioning. And things are touching my skin and breathing on me with what feels like molten lava breath. I would kick the dogs off of the bed but even I understand their need to be 4 feet closer to the ceiling fan.

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It’s still 20 degrees here. You have our weather and we’d like it back please.

Kim Says:


shine Says:

I’m so confused by your Celsius temperatures. But I live in Texas. It has to be hotter here.

In other news, I never ever just “walk” by a sprinkler on a hot day. I always run through. I don’t care whose yard it is.

Kim Says:

I think 39 is about 102? Steve has a client in Texas- We were hotter than Houston yesterday- by several degrees.
Defiantly melt weather.

Kami Says:

I don’t mind heat. It’s the humidity that makes me want to cry. There’s nothing better than feeling super duper crotchy.

kim Says:

ha ha ha Kami- you hit it right on the head.

Stever Says:

Kamloops temperatures (40 C = 104 F) have been nearing those of Phoenix, Arizona (108 F today). Thankfully the humidity here, like Phoenix but unlike Houston, is below 20%. So it’s hot and dry, and we are only a mere 1500 miles NORTH of Phoenix.

suz Says:

and this is who we’re going to visit on out mini break? yech!
lol…only we are in the exact same boat here. WTF? How come you and I never have a dish washer or air conditioning? I mean aside from the obvious reasons…being that
we rent and we are stupid.

suz Says:

41 here next Monday. ahhh but so much drier there. I hope it rains like a bitch towards the end of next week!

kim Says:

“I mean aside from the obvious reasons…being that we rent and we are stupid.”

Fuck I love you.

Jeannie Says:

Personally, I love a few hot days like that. I don’t think we’ve gone over 30 this year and that just sucks.

I would perish.
If not from the heat, someone would kill me from all the godawful complaining. I am such a pansy in the heat.

You know what they says: It’s not the heat, it’s the temperature.

No need to thank me.

kim Says:

ha ha ha ha ha

toofat Says:

I hope by now you know I love you dearly (sorry Steve but a blogger can’t help himself) and I know its “hot” but please consider this. You know how you roll you eyes, look at your friends and snort when someone from Dallas complains about it being -3.9 for a couple of days? That what we think about your currnet crotch sweater. Yeah its hot but you only have to deal with it for a little while. We have it for 4 months.

Plus you also have universal healthcare and aren’t hated by the rest of the world.

Kim Says:

ok too fat my bloggy crush- you win that round.

Brian Smart Says:

Had the wife and kids and dog up to Rose Lake at our patrol cabin last week and just flew back yesterday; not a cloud in the sky for 4 days and temperature was around 30C. Even though the lake is glacier fed from the Primrose River, we were in it all the time. More like Africa than the Yukon.

Brian Smart Says:

some pics on here (no dresses though)

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