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posted on: February 27th, 2009

Holy Mary mother of Dog, it’s FRIDAY. And thank fuck because there were about 11 Wednesdays this week and I’m a little hung over today. Steve & I dined on copious amounts of red wine last night served with a small side of pad Thai. It was our farewell to booze as we are attempting to climb back on the “I quit smoking” train yet again, seeing as it didn’t stick this time or this time or this time or even this time.

I am stating this publicly so that you will all heckle me mercilessly should I bust out the Export Gold pack again. If smoking were a health supplement, I would be the healthiest motherfucker on the planet.

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I accidentally came across an awesome quitting plan. I recently switched to American Spirits because I figured no chemicals are a good thing. But I learned the chemicals is what makes them burn faster. So by the time I’m halfway through I’m bored and get rid of it. Plus its impossible to get a full drag off them. Viola, decreased intake.

Kim Says:

I’m all or nothing though. 1 smoke = 1 pack for me. Remember those clove cigarettes? Horrid freaking things! There was another “safe” brand- I forget what it was but it was like smoking a prairie grass fire.

I’ve been considering giving them up, if only for financial reasons. “It’s going great,” he says, lighting another one.

Kim Says:

@Loss- Hey! You think people will donate tix for us to see Leonard Cohen if we quit?

You can do it! Once you get past a couple weeks you’ll be like the rest of us old smokers; now we are all to good for it and vomit at the smell.

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