to desire the replica

posted on: January 25th, 2010

How creepy would it be if puppets were still dressed and painted but ever so slightly see through? I think the only thing creepier would be a clown.

Or a see through clown.

ps- Friday is my birthday. In lieu of gifts, feel free to send gifts. Unless it’s a clown- in that case you’d be dead meat motherfucker!

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shine Says:

Why do you do this to me? See-through clowns and puppets?

Ugh. Just don’t start talking about mayonnaise…

Kim Says:

Naw…. I’m more of a mustard chick myself…

Brian Smart Says:

I’m not so crazy about puppets or clowns. I think it has to do with my Dad taking me to McDonalds when I was a kid and they had all the characters there and Hamburglar came over to our table and I freaked the fuck out. See-through puppets? You mean like wet t-shirt puppets? Maybe you and I could get a 2 for 1 deal at a therapist?

Kim Says:

Good thinking Bri! Things are always cheaper in bulk…. even therapy!!!!

suz Says:

Love the way your demented mind works…
A see through puppet? Wouldn’t you just see a hand? I think see through pants on a really old man with a wrinkly flat ass would be far worse!


Kim Says:

Yeah yeah- yours is only a little over a month after that there Chuckles!!!!!

LiLu Says:

What about a clown CAR full of dead meat?

Now I’ve confused myself.

kim Says:

I love you so hard Lilu.

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