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posted on: April 27th, 2010

So about a zillion years ago I put up a post about M.I.A’s “Paper Planes” which, much to my surprise, is still one of my popular posts to date. So now she’s back- post baby-with more to say. Of course, you could take the easy way out and say “Hey! Born Free” is like a resurgence of the good ‘Ol “kick a Ginger day.

Uhm, not quite what I think she means. (Of course, strip away all of the overt statements about governments treatment of people based on skin, religion, geography or finances and hey, maybe she really doesn’t like gingers- how the hell should I know?)

My favorite subtle little sting? The fact that the rounding up of people wasn’t done by some faceless nameless guerrilla force. (Anyone else flash briefly to the new immigration bill passed in Arizona?) That would be easy. That would be boring. Those US shoulder patches were small but spoke volumes. It’s a brilliant video- some might think it gratuitously violent- but forget the blood and guts and beatings and look at what it’s actually saying. Think about the message- the story- that she is telling.

And no, it’s not that she hates gingers, you idiot.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

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Dusty Says:

I take it gingers are redheads?

Heavy duty video woman, very powerful. We are all ‘gingers’.

As for the AZ immigration bill..I have a piece up that connects the dots..the authors are into white supremacy..and eugenics..just for starters.

Dusty Says:

Oh, filching this to go w/my piece on the AZ law..gracias senorita! ;)

Kim Says:

De Nada Chica!

Wow ! !
Rhis is what I have been screaming about.
It always starts some where, some how.
This time it is in Arizona where I live.
Where, who, and how will it be next.
Step by step —TICK TOCK

Sorry, Dusty told me to come over here and check this out. I have been manic-depressive about this.

Kim Says:

I don’t blame you RealityZone- I still can’t believe they passed that bill!

Stever Says:

Very fitting that the video takes place in the desert. Not just for the fact of the latest nazi shit going on in Arizona, but the entire US immigration/economics/drugs/racism bullshit with primarily Mexicans and the states that border Mexico (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California).

MIA is obviously just taking the current online popularity of gingerism and using it as a parallel. Swap red hair for lightly brown skinned Spanish speakers.

Kim Says:

Hell- think globally and you can swap the red hair for anything that’s even remotely “different”

CNN is talking about this video. WOW I am impressed. :-)

Dan Says:

This is America;

Never a free, just, or even good society, and this has been coming for a long, long time.

It’s only a matter of time, now, but it begs the question: Do we deserve any better?

Kim Says:

That’s a tough one Dan but overall, I’d have to say no.

Dan Says:

I agree, naturally;

Churchill was right when he said that, ultimately, every society gets the government it deserves.

Kim Says:

Churchill was definitely right!

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