to desire the replica

posted on: February 25th, 2009

Today is my school’s 5 year accreditation audit. As the sole administrator of said school, it means that random people are spending their whole day poking through everything I do on a daily basis. As I hold the school government accreditation in my wee shaking little nicotine stained hands, it’s basically a huge fucking deal. So what am I doing right now as they are scouring every piece of paper I’ve ever touched looking for any conceivable mistake?

I’m sitting in my office eating bacon & eggs & writing a blog post.

Yeah. Am I that fucking good? Or that fucking stupid?

I’ll let you know which.

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Karen Moore Says:

I personally think you are that fucking good!

Kim Says:

Karen, have I told you today that you’re fabulous? ;)

Dusty Says:

As Karen says…you ARE that good woman and I heart you. ;)

Kim Says:

I heart you too Dusty! (PS- does your sister let you sit on the furniture without slip covers? lol I’m still baffled by the “no news, no computer” rules!

Dusty Says:

ummm…actually I have to sit on a blanket if I sit on the furniture.

I shit you not!!! :lol:

Liz Says:

I vote for good. When things get too much for me at work, I do the same thing. Except I eat Cheez-Its and an orange. I’ve got a weird craving for orange colored food, go figure.

Hope things get better soon.

suz Says:

Hmmm I’m more interested in Dusty and what ever the hell is wrong with her/his sister? What are all these rules about? Is Dusty living with my mother?

So??? How did it go? Do you still have a job?

Jeannie Says:

I figure if you aren’t intentionally doing something wrong, what’s the worry? Hope all went well!

Kim Says:

It is official. I rule.

Dusty Says:

My sista is a republican…that should explain her eccentricities me thinks. ;)

Dusty Says:

Oh, and congrats Kim..we already know you rule woman. ;)

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