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posted on: September 22nd, 2008

The Globe & Mail has posted an on line article titled “Tobacco as Medicinal Plant?” and I have to admit that I wept with joy. The axis of the earth swayed just slightly to allow all of us dirty smokers to stand a little bit straighter and regain just a tiny bit of that “look how cool I am” sneer from the mid 80’s.

I then proceeded to actually read the article, at which point I slyly returned the ashtray to my desk drawer and put away the velvet smoking jacket that I was wearing with exaggerated pride. Basically, Philip Morris is teaming up with a Canadian company in hopes of finding new uses for tobacco beyond the good old death stick.

Damn them. I had nearly perfected that shitty supercilious jaw clenched accent and was so looking forward to being able to bust it out…..

No Sir, I will not extinguish my cigarette. It’s medicinal you know.”

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Donna Says:

Hahaha. Nice try!!!

Kim Says:

I know. I’m truly pathetic.

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