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posted on: December 18th, 2009

Dear Kids,

I know that this is heartbreaking but due to global warming Frosty has suffered several irreversible set backs with his health and is now in hospice. He is heavily sedated and resting comfortably though unfortunately we feel that his end is close at hand.

In lieu of flowers donations to the World Wildlife fund or any other organization that aims to protect our rapidly melting ice caps will be gratefully accepted.

It’s been a good run Frosty. We’ll miss you.

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Brian Smart Says:

I’d say Frosty is fucked. He looks more like the remnants of some training exercise gone bad for ADD teenagers at Dairy Queen than a snowman.

It’s +2 degrees Celsius in Whitehorse at the end of December! What the hell’s with that? We built a hockey rink across the road from the office here at Environment Yukon for “lunchtime shinny and brawling” and what was primo ice just a few days ago is now like a 45 x 85 slab of seagull shit!

Jeannie Says:

Looks like a couple scoops of Chocolate chip icecream.

shine Says:

PuhLEASE! You know that global warming crap is just a bunch of liberal science rational propaganda. Frosty melted because he WANTED to melt. He couldn’t make it on his own, so why should we care?

Kim Says:


Batcavebilly Says:

‘Frosty’ looks more like a big ol’ coiler to me….

Dan Says:

Ach, Laddie, we hardly knew ye…

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