to desire the replica

posted on: March 31st, 2009

There is birthday cake in the staff room (conveniently located next to my office) which shouldn’t be cause for concern as I am not really a sweet fan. Gimme meat & cheese and bread and I will purr like Mexican hairless cat in heat.

Having said that, I just finished-I shit you not-my third piece of chocolate cake with day-glow radioactive looking icing.

Now I’m a little bit pukey.

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Jeannie Says:

Are you pmsing or something? ugh

Kim Says:

No, not even. Not excuse- just pure unadulterated gluttony I guess!

Bon Don Says:

You purr like Mexican hairless cat in heat too!?? Oh wait you were talking about food!

Pukey McPukerson!

suz Says:

Stay away from that red die #4…it’s a killer!

Ugh I do the same thing. Cheese is for sure my weakness but somehow I always end up eating cake that I don’t *really* want.

f.B Says:

Cake… Mmm. *drool*

That is all.

I, too, am hopelessly addicted to free cake. There is no other way.

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