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posted on: November 21st, 2008
Creepy but oh so much fun!

Deaaaad Fingggggah!

I have a little thing called Raynaud’s Disease. Actually, that’s what I assume it is as I am a firm believer in sketchy online self diagnosis by less then reputable sources. But really, there isn’t anything else under the sun that it could be and as it’s been going on regularly for 6 or so years and I’m not dead yet, I feel pretty comfortable with my diagnosis.

It’s actually kinda fun. I call it “dead finger” (but when you say it, it has to be in a deep singsong voice to the tune of the 007 “Gold finger” theme. It’s just more fun this way) Each finger can have a colour independent of the other four ranging from corpse white to heart attack purple with every conceivable shade of pink/red/blue in between. I have been known to have rather colourful hands at times. It would be a stretch to call it painful, though it is definitely not comfortable. It’s fun for me to randomly touch people in my office with my multi coloured sub zero fingers as though it’s a horrid and contagious condition. Of course they all now know that it isn’t, but there is still a flash of repulsion/fear in their eyes that warms my evil little soul. I can’t seem to stop myself. Their obvious discomfort makes me smile because that’s the kind of girl I am.

Don’t blame me though, it’s the Raynaud’s. It diverts vital blood from my heart and therefore clearly not within my control. (The touching/creeping people out is, but whatever. Everyone needs a hobby.)

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Laura Says:

My older daughter also has Reynaud’s. Her diagnosis came from an octogenarian doctor who knew instantly why she had bright red fingers and toes. She has not become a rainbow yet, I’m certainly looking forward to that development. It has stopped her from wearing flipflops into the chill of the fall. After we found out that my daughter has it, it turns out that my sister-in-law does too. I guess it’s not as uncommon as I originally thought.

Maybe we can get her see-throw gloves so she can watch the colors of her fingers change.

phaedra Says:

my toes and ears do that because I got mild frostbite on them years ago. Trippy.

[...] the exception of the ever creepy raynauds which you can witness here, my normal hip issues and the non-smoking which is really more like chain smoking- I am as healthy [...]

Desert Rat Says:

OUCH. That hurts me.

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