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posted on: February 24th, 2009

After commenting on several of my favorite blogs, it has suddenly occurred to me that I have begun to use the word Jackass ad nauseam.

Personally, I like the word. I don’t get dirty looks because it’s more socially acceptable than cunt or fuckface and yet it is still pretty damn descriptive.  When I lived in Germany the only English programs that I got were CNN and the show Jackass. As I was there during the chaos of 9/11 there was only so much CNN I could take before experiencing sensory overload, so I would watch Jackass for my English language fix. I didn’t particularly like the show all that much, though I did Jiffy marker “I love Johnny Knoxville” on a t-shirt but it was just an esthetic thing- I thought he himself was a jackass, but a hot one. The show gave me a couple of good chuckles, like the fart joke that would normally be lame but happens to be told at just the precise moment you feel silly enough to giggle. Mostly I liked it because it was in English and after nearly a year of struggling with the hawking de hawk of German, I craved English like a debutant craves a Maserati & a prince charming. Since that time, the word Jackass has floated in and out of my vocabulary, planting itself for a few months and then vanishing for several more.

This time around, it’s being a bit of a whore- dropping itself into every conceivable sentence or situation when in reality, shithead, asshat or ratfacedmotherfucker would have worked just as nicely.

It appears as though my record is skipping. Jackassjackassjackassjackassjackassjackassjackass.

Rinse and repeat.

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Greg Says:

I had a problem with the word “peener” for a while. It’s a funny word.

And here’s an interesting experiment: when you’re at work, call people “poopsie”. It’s a surprisingly polarizing word.

Kim Says:

Will do, poopsie.

I seem to flip between asshat and assclown. Not sure why.

I love ratfacemoutherfucker!

My sister and I were saying good things about you the other day.

Kim Says:

@Desert Rat- Awwww. I wondered why I felt all tingly inside! ;)

i like fucktard a lot. thats my go to.

Kim Says:

@disco- scroll down to the fine print on this page. :)

LiLu Says:

I get stuck on certain words too, and it doesn’t even have to be the naughty ones. Sometimes I’ll just realize I’ve said “habitually” or “consecutively” five times in the last hour. They just get stuck in my head.

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