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posted on: June 1st, 2010

There are times when people share too much information and make you shift and rock on your heels uncomfortably. This might be one of those times.

#1- I once peed my pants on the way from a hostel to the train station in a small village in Switzerland.

#2- Despite their perky disposition I have never named my breasts. I have recently discovered that many women do this and I find it odd.

#3- I regularly have dreams about the end of the world as we know it.

#4 - On my 23rd birthday I drank 21 sambucca shooters, alternating black and white. I couldn’t manage the the last 2. I did not puke.

#5- On my 32nd birthday while drinking in a bar in Germany a random and very drunk young US soldier came over and bit me on the shoulder hard enough to require a tetanus shot and leave a scar. I punched him in the face.

#6- I once made a tower of Russian Roulette shooters and lit them on fire in some random bar in London. I did this topless because I apparently cannot turn down a good dare.

#7-I am genuinely freaked out by clowns and I genuinely think that they are all pedophiles.

#8- I have watched 2 people die and once had to identify a friend in the morgue which is far less glamorous than CSI Miami makes it out to be.

#9- I cannot blow my nose in public. No matter what.

#10- I would be a total chain smoking alcoholic if it were socially acceptable.

#11- I once made a girl eat dog shit.

#12- While randomly hitchhiking around town with Susin as a teen, a creepy weird old biker dude offered us a 6 pack of black label and then leaned over and pinched my nipple. EWWWWWWW! it still makes me shiver.

#13- I fucking hate whiners. I hate them so hard that I have to forcibly stop myself from stabbing them.

#14- If I had to to protect myself or my loved ones, I could easily kill someone. No question.

#15- I once had a threesome with an ex & a really HOT female friend.

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Jeannie Says:

Wow! - who dared you to spill?
Did you do this topless?
Have you been doing shots?

I never named my breasts either. Never occurred to me.

You have been far more adventurous than I have. I’m a little jealous. I’ve always wanted to be a “what the hell” kinda girl but unfortunately, I see all kinds of consequences to everything.

Kim Says:

I’ve been known to do some rather stupid things… (yes, usually with shooters!)
I’m far less adventurous these days!

Brian Smart Says:

Some of this is not really that surprising (or I am just sick in the head).

Guys name their dicks so why would women not name their bits too? One guy I know refers to “Big Jim and the twins” on a regular basis.

I drank 10 prairie fires once and did not puke (tequila and tobasco sauce) although the next morning I think lightening came out my ass.

So folks, if a very drunk Kim comes up to you after school and tries to bully you into eating some dog shit, you just say 3 words:

“John Wayne Gacey”

Kim Says:

You kill me Bri!

three some was the way i went out - met my husband right after. i’ve said it was the best way to leave the dating scene for the ever boring marrieds scene.

i will confess that i am a whiner but that i don’t even hear myself doing it, nor do i even really mean it. is a fault i feel in myself for sure. when i catch myself i stop and i’ve punched myself in the face. long story on that one. see, TMI. but yours were all good inspires me to finish off my 100 (boring who cares) things about me i started in years a go i have 25 to go.

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