to desire the replica

posted on: September 29th, 2009

Do you ever have those days when your brain is so scattered and all that you can hear is the sound of pop-rocks going off in your scull but for whatever reason, you’re humming the theme to M*A*SH and watching your left thigh twitch? Oh, and the monkey. Don’t forget to mention the monkey. Wait. Naw, fuck it. Forget it.

I’m having one of those days. My neck is shaped like the base of a light bulb and my head is screwed on to it but it feels a little wobbly but you can’t tighten it too much because then the glass will shatter and then you’re fucked. So instead, I stop myself from tap tap tapping my pen on my desk because I know that when people do that around me I want to shoot them in the throat with a rocket launcher. There is an itty bitty ticking in my office and despite today’s propensity to assume the worst, I am not afraid that it’s a bomb.

Fuck would I ever love a fudgecicle right now. Do they still sell those?

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Brian Smart Says:

Not that I wish you ill, but sounds like you might be getting sick? I had some head-cold thing for a few days and went home yesterday afternoon to try to catch some winks but Freddy the Fuckhead (my neighbour) decided to bring in a chainsaw crew and a wood chipper to clear some trees on his property…so no winks for me. Good news is you can still buy Fudgesicles.

f.B Says:

I had this day today! It started around 3pm.

Kim Says:

I think my dog walk may have to conveniently pass the store where I shall hope for a fudgecicle.

Dusty Says:

After the vote in the Senate Finance Committee..It’s time to toss back a couple of Vodka Cran’s for moi.

Hope you are wearing your flak jacket if the bomb goes off! ;)

Dusty Says:

oh..and Yes, they still sell fudgecicles in the US..dunno about your part of the world.

suz Says:

hung over?

Jeannie Says:

We can definitely get fudgecicles in the grocery store but you’ll have to buy 6 or12 or 115 or something. The selection in convenience stores might be a little slim now that summer is over.

I have days like that all the time. I find a place where I can bend over and let gravity work the opposite way on my neck and head - do some stretches and some deep breathing to clear the brain. Then I go home and drink.

Taylor Says:

You’re awesome.

Kim Says:

“Then I go home and drink.”
That’s my kind of medicine!

Kami Says:

Maybe you need a nap. Or a barbituate.

Hannah Says:

Sounds like you’ve had too much caffeine! LOL

Dusty Says:

Kami..what if I could use both of those things? ;)

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